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Refuse derived fuel from commercial waste

Customized plant designs for reliable results: Commercial waste recycling with Doppstadt

Commercial waste recycling

The requirements and specifications for processing commercial waste continue to increase. Efforts to recover and recycle high-quality materials should be intensified. The objective is to recover secondary raw materials, to cleanly separate fractions and produce high-quality refuse derived fuel. 

For that purpose Doppstadt delivers innovative technology in the shape of powerful and capable machinery – combined into reliable systems that lower operating costs over the long term.

An extensive process is needed in order to meet the sorting and recycling rates mandated by legal regulations. Doppstadt offers all the necessary components – be it as a complete package solution or to supplement existing processing plants. In doing so, it is possible to recover the following fractions:

• Refuse derived fuel (wind sifter lightweight fraction)

• Metal recycling (Fe metals)

• Metal recycling (NF metals)

The advantages of Doppstadt machines for recycling commercial waste: 

  • Low operating costs thanks to efficient drive systems
  • Robust design of all machines
  • Less fines

Our comprehensive consulting services with regard to commercial waste recycling are based on many years of experience, thus guaranteeing the perfect solution for every system. A solution that includes the reliable Doppstadt service as well.

Contact us now for your optimum recycling solution!

Process Description Commercial Waste utilisation


wind sifter light fraction


ferrous metals


non-ferrous metals

The process at a glance

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