Doppstadt Belt Pulleys

Our ideal concept of quality and reliability is represented by the longevity and stability of our products. We only cooperate with renowned suppliers, so the materials and components we use comply with the highest standards. Our production facilities, DOPPSTADT Calbe GmbH, certified by DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and welding certification DIN EN ISO 3834-2:2006 guarantee a constantly high quality and reliability.

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Belt drums made in Germany by Doppstadt – This division possesses tried-and-tested patented know-how gained through 55 years of experience. We are very proud of this anniversary, and even more so of the patent: It proves our role as a pioneer in this field and the outstanding services that our factory in Calbe/ Saale performs and delivers on a daily basis: the design and production of customer-specific solutions.

With the acquisition of Förderanlagen Calbe GmbH and the assumption of its staff with their unprecedented expertise, we simultaneously acquired patented know-how in the field of conveyor technology in the 1990s. The decision at that time to keep all of the company’s employees laid the foundation for the relationship between the staff and the company’s management to this day. Without this positive collaborative spirit, the outstanding quality of products and good workmanship, we would not be one of the world’s leading manufacturer of customer-specific belt drums for large conveyor systems.

With 55 years of experience, we have been demonstrating German engineering on a daily basis by producing customized belt drums in Calbe in accordance with a standardized and proven quality concept, tailored to the field of application, customer requirements and system conditions. The development and production of belt drums for heavy-duty belt conveyors is based on a patent that is rich in history: The patent 1 450 059 was granted in 1964. And yet, we have never stopped investing in innovative manufacturing technologies or using state-of-the-art technology for our production processes. Every belt drum is manufactured and certified individually. Almost all components come from our own production or from internationally recognized suppliers – from development and design through to production. This is the only way for us to fulfill our quality standards over the entire manufacturing process. Special quality characteristics: high load capacity and long service life of our belt drums. And our customers currently spanning more than 25 countries worldwide appreciate that.

Doppstadt engineered belt pulleys for global business

Couple weeks ago Doppstadt plant in Calbe Saale successful finished a leading project for the Asian market. More than 30 unit of engineered pulleys leaving the company right on time for the installation in a South East Asian mine operation.

Since 1963 Doppstadt Calbe plant (former Takraf- FAC) is one of the global leading Manufacturers for high developed engineered belt pulleys up to a diameter of 3.000 mm.

To Japan by Air Freight: Doppstadt Delivers Belt Drums at Record Speed 

Conveyor plants at standstill cost money. A lot of money. Therefore, its stands to reason that a big Japanese group of technology companies wanted to put the overhauled conveyor plant into operation as quickly as possible.

For this purpose, idler and drive drums up to 1600 mm diameter manufactured by Doppstadt Calbe GmbH were required. And that quickly. The desired delivery date was: within 15 weeks. This request was Doppstadt's first priority. We increased the speed in all areas: in the assembly, the packaging and the transport. Without neglecting the product quality, of course. After all, speediness is a question of organization and project management and not just acceleration of the work sequence.

Finally, Doppstadt delivered the drums even three weeks before the required date - by express, because instead of sending them by ship we transported the freight with several tons of weight by plane. In this sector, we cooperate with forwarders who can package and transport such a weight safely and professionally. Conclusion: Even in a greater hurry than usual, Doppstadt is reliable.

Belt Pulleys

For highest demands

Belt pulleys from Calbe move the largest transporting plants in South America. The brand "Doppstadt“ guarantees reliability and operational safety. Doppstadt- technology, i. e. driving and tail pulleys, tension and snub pulleys are working in overland and face conveyors, conveying bridges, excavators etc. Belt pulleys from Calbe can be equipped with various bearings. The diameters range up to 3000 mm and the face length from 600 mm to 3500 mm.


Technical Data

Doppstadt manufactures and supplies high quality new conveyor systems designed and built in accordance with customer requirements or as replacement equipment.
Our belt drums can thereby be realized with flange bearings, sliding bearings or bearing baskets with various seal types (oil seal, labyrinth seals, Taconite seals, felt rings). Drive pulleys for shafts or couplings are available for single and double sided drives (optionally provided with keyed connections and/or with a remote cylindrical friction joint or conical sleeve). Deflection pulleys can be adapted to include slip monitoring systems such as speed monitoring ports. The system (including the belt drive surface) is also available in a smooth or profiled belt format or as a nubby surface in rubber, polyurethane as well as ceramic. The surface can be heat cured or cold glued.
Doppstadt belt-drives can be supplied for the desired operating conditions, in a welded construction or with I- and T-shaped clamping sets.


The SAP-aided sequence control is the basis for the economic fabrication. Modern machine tools and qualified specialists enable an efficient production. Optimum internal logistics supply every mounting station with the necessary parts in due time. The calculation of each part, the high manufacturing penetration, a high-quality paint and not least the systematic quality management comprising all the departments quarantee the long service life of the belt pulleys.

Belt pulleys of all kinds with standard bearing housings from Calbe are ope­ra­ting all over the world

  • Low own weight of the belt pulleys
  • Long-life standard bearing
  • Delivery, especially as spare parts, for operating plants without modification of the supports
  • Enhanced sealing with Taconite seal of the rolling bearings on request


  • Standardized production since 1964
  • Technically safe and cost-optimized designs
  • Excellent workmanship
  • High power and efficiency
  • 100% Made in Germany
  • Brand suppliers like BIKON, TAS, SKF, FAG, HFB and TipTop
  • Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001: 2015
  • Welding technical quality requirements in accordance with DIN EN ISO 3834-2: 2006
  • Guaranteed supply of spare parts (even decades later)

Service & Retrofit

At our customers' disposal at any time

The DOPPSTADT group is proud of the good relations with the customers which is determined by our after-sales service. We offer a qualified consultancy and service on site by Doppstadt Engineers ore qualified Partners. Thanks to the prompt spare part supply and the constant training of our service team, downtimes can be reduced to a minimum. Even in unusual cases we are at your disposal to help you as quickly as possible with spare part supply and repair. To offer you the full range of services Doppstadt will also your Partner for every kind of Retrofit your damaged pulleys.


Responsibility for our products

We are specialized in the efficient solution of individual problems. The wide range of applications and the flexible possibilities of combination of our belt pulleys are proved by a great number of references in Germany and abroad. Suppliers of technologies for continuous transports in transporting plants takes a high responsibility. We want to accept this challenge. Go and see for yourself. We can give you references nearby. Beginning of the fabrication at Calbe: 1964. Since 1964 an average of thousands of belt pulleys have been delivered all over the world for transporting installations.

Worldwide satisfaction

  • GIPOR / Russia
  • LEAG / Vattenfall
  • E.ON Power Station Schkopau
  • Band-Pass Filter Cement Plant Kasakhstan
  • Assembly Conveyor Porsche Leipzig
  • Coal Storage Ekibastus / Kasachstan
  • Transport System in Radomiro Tomic/Chile - Copper Mine
  • Transport System in El Abra /Chile - Copper Mine
  • Fertilizer Complex BIN QASIM / Pakistan
  • STAMAG Regis-Breitingen, ZEMAG
  • ZEMAG Zeitz GmbH - Coal Handling
  • esco Bernburg - Potash
  • Schwenk Zement
  • Kali und Salz GmbH Kassel / Zielitz
  • Hongsa Power / Laos
  • Gabriela Mistral / Chile - Copper Mine
  • BT-Wolfgang Binder
  • Collahuasi /Chile - Copper Mine
  • Aluminium Oxid Stade
  • Jawa Power / Indonesia
  • Romonta
  • Bandar Abbas / Iran
  • ArcelorMittal Eisenhüttenstadt
  • Coal Terminal Spitzbergen / Norway
  • Coal Power Station Paiton II / Indonesia
  • Vattenfall Boxberg, Jänschwalde, Hagenwerder, Lippendorf, Thierbach and Reichwalde
  • MAN TAKRAF Fördertechnik GmbH
  • Coal Mining India
  • Excavator and Tripper Holly Hill
  • Vertical Conveyor UBE Japan
  • Weser-Engineering, Project Venezuela
  • PPC / Greece
  • Conveying System und Spreader Coal Mine Mae Moh / Thailand
  • Excavatore Nr. 293 Mine Hambach
  • Rheinbraun AG / RWE Mine Eschweiler-Weisweiler
  • Crusher Chuquicamata Chile - Copper Mine
  • Crusher Escondida Chile - Copper Mine
  • Stacker / Reclaimer Taipower Taiwan
  • MATRA Coal Mine Visonta and Bükkabrany / Hungary
  • Excavator and Spreader Angren / Uzbekistan
  • Mc Murray / Canada

Suitable solutions

According to requirement and application

Belt pulleys with flanged bearings, sliding bearings or special bearings with different sealings (rotary shaft seal, labyrinth seal Taconite seal, felt seal ring) provided by renowned suppliers or according to our own design. Drive pulleys for slip-on gear mechanisms or with coupling (optionally with spring key connection, with stepped cylindric press fit or with taper adapter) are available for one- or two-shaft drive. Tail pulleys and snub pulleys can be equipped for slip control systems or for overspeed control. Belt pulleys can be coated by profiled, non-profiled or napped rubber, polyurethane or ceramics, even crowned with different thicknesses. The lagging can be hot-vulcanized or cold-bonded. Depending on the requirements and the conditions of application, the belt pulleys can be supplied as welded constructions or with tensioning sets, I-or T-shape.

User-oriented fabrication - worldwide operation

Doppstadt Calbe GmbH develops, calculates and produces belt pulleys. Belt pulleys from Calbe have turned out to be successful in Germany and abroad. The fields of application are belt conveyors in transporting plants and mining equipment for the extraction, storage and processing of primary matters and for special transport installations in order to solve a great number of transport problems, e.g. in overburden stackers, exploitation equipment and main and face conveyors. For every case of application we offer the suitable solution thanks to 50 years of experience in the dimensioning and fabrication of transport technology and components for highest demands.