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Many associations and experts criticize the draft of the Biowaste Ordinance Amendment because in their opinion it is unfeasible. However, we already solved this problem some time ago with our mobile modular plant system concepts!

New Requirements Meet with Criticism

In the future, biowaste may not contain more than 0.5 percent contaminants before the treatment – this is what the Federal Environment Ministry proposes in the amendment to the Biowaste Ordinance. The aim is to improve the quality of the recyclable materials and to reduce the costs of waste processing. The criticism of the industry was not long in coming: The requirements of the amendment are considered to be unfeasible. Experts also fear an increase of biowaste incineration and a reduced marketability of compost.

A Chance for Plant Operators

But these fears are unfounded – at least with Doppstadt technology. Thanks to our mobile modular plant system concepts we can not only offer the customers legal certainty, but also the reduction of disposal costs and an increase of the quantity of applicable and contaminant-free compost. “Therefore we think that the amendment to the Biowaste Directive is not a handicap, but a chance for plant operators,“ says Michael Zeppenfeldt, Sales Manager Germany at Doppstadt. The plant operators will have to invest in the new technology first, but this will pay off very soon and it can easily be adapted to legal changes in the future.

We could already convince the first customer with our smart concept. A large waste processing enterprise has recently invested in our mobile modular solution – including a follow-up order! It is thus optimally equipped for the future. So the Biowaste Ordinance Amendment can come into effect!