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Our Calbe site is the heart of our production and an important centre of development. In celebration of the 30th anniversary, all the employees from our three sites came together in Calbe for a special event.

When we took over the former VEB (publicly owned company) Förderanlagen Calbe, we could not have guessed that it would develop into one of the largest production sites for recycling machines in Germany. But our employees from Saxony-Anhalt made this success possible with their great commitment and expertise. At that time we started with 190 employees at the new production site. Today there are already 450 employees – out of a total of 700 in the group.

Construction of the first Doppstadt Machine in 1995

During the first three years we focussed on the production of conveying machinery in Calbe. Finally the construction of the DW 3080 ushered in a new era in 1995. Our “Mammut” was successful on the market for a whole 25 years. The same year the company changed its name to Doppstadt Calbe GmbH.

Then, in 2018 another milestone: The Calbe team developed the INVENTHOR series, which is really popular with customers ever since.

Up to 600 Machines per Year

Meanwhile the Calbe team produces 450 Doppstadt machines per year. And we are aiming for 600 in 2024. Together with the Velbert team, the employees of the development department in Calbe put all their know-how and expertise into innovative new Doppstadt machines. Among the machines produced in Calbe there are the INVENTHOR 6 and 9, screens, the AK series and the METHOR. For the future, we aim for a considerable growth at the Calbe site. For the year 2022 we expect a further increase in turnover to over 200 million euros.

Comprehensive Modernization

To achieve this aim, we expand and modernize our premises in Saxony-Anhalt regularly. In 2016 for example we completed a 10000 m³ assembly and logistics centre. Furthermore, 6 production halls were renovated and expanded. Before the end of the year (2022) a second assembly line is to be completed this year. Investments in a combined heat and power plant, LED lights, a waste heat recovery plant and the switch to (partly) electric vehicles make the Calbe premises a model in terms of sustainability.

Big Event for the Big Birthday

In September the Calbe site turned 30. For the anniversary all the employees from our three sites came together on October 14th in Calbe. They explored the site in an exciting team challenge and gave proof of their knowledge of Calbe and our machines. In the evening an awesome show program generated great enthusiasm. With good food and drinks, our employees celebrated late into the night. Thank you for a great day!

In Spring 2023, we are gonna have a big celebration with our national and international business partners. We are really excited for your visit at the calbe site.

Please note our information on the company shutdown due to the public holidays in May.