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German Champion Danny Mahr, Sponsored by Doppstadt

German Champion Danny Mahr, Sponsored by Doppstadt

The saw blades are probably still glowing today. That’s how spectacular this year's German championship for lumberjack athletes was, which took place on August 31, 2019 in Oberhof. The winner of the competition was Danny Mahr, who left the other axemen far behind. As sponsor of Danny, we are proud to work with him and congratulate him on his win!

Just four weeks ago, Danny delivered a brilliant performance in the hot saw discipline of STIHL’s TIMBERSPORTS® Amarok Cup in 2019. And now the 31-year-old axeman managed to dethrone the six-time German champion Robert Ebner at the German championship, thus winning the coveted title of “Germany's best lumberjack athlete” for the first time in front of more than 2,500 spectators.

While Danny, who was considered one of the favorites for winning, was in third place with a time of 29.42 seconds at the beginning of the Underhand Chop ax discipline, the fire-fighter from Hessen managed to saw his way to second place in the Stock Saw chainsaw discipline. In the Standing Block event, Danny needed 32.48 seconds to complete it, thus losing valuable points to the competition. As usual, the axeman from Sinntal gave a strong performance in the Single Buck event and in the Springboard event, ensuring that Danny finished second in both disciplines. In the heart-stopping final against Ebner, who had been unbeaten for two years now, Danny ultimately clinched the German championship during the Hot Saw racing chainsaw event, posting a new personal best time. “I was able to hold my own with the other event favorites in all disciplines,” said the new German champion with pride after the competition.

The newly crowned German champion will be on hand and live in action at our stand at DLG-Waldtage from September 13 to 15 and at AUSTROFOMA from October 8 to 10!