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One week ago, the new screening machine SM 518.2 started operating at the Portuguese waste management company LIPOR—a crucial step towards meeting official EU regulations.

Just in May, LIPOR inaugurated a new composting plant in Laúndos dedicated to collecting and processing green waste from surrounding communities, covering an area of 13,400 m² with a target annual production capacity exceeding 2,000 tons. New EU regulations are continuously posing fresh challenges for Portugal, and it is for this reason precisely that LIPOR opted for Doppstadt and its SM 518.2 model. This machine meets these challenges while offering maximum flexibility to adapt to future tasks.

Flexibility Creates Competitive Advantage

Regulatory requirements regarding the quality and quantity of produced goods are on the rise, and we know how to navigate them successfully. This was evident in our collaboration with LIPOR concerning their new composting facility in Laúndos, where the electrically powered SM 518.2 with a 10 mm² drum for fine screening of finished compost is now in operation. In this way, Doppstadt contributes with its machinery to ensuring quality standards under new EU regulations, even beyond national borders.