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The 200th INVENTHOR 9 mobile shredder is rolling off the production line at Doppstadt these days. As usual, this machine will be doing its job reliably in Poland!

Introduced six years ago at IFAT in Munich, our specialists are currently assembling the 200th INVENTHOR 9. The delivery address for this model of our successful pre-shredder series is Poland. However, word of the efficiency and economy of these machines, with which Doppstadt has ushered in a new era in high-performance shredders, has long since spread far beyond Europe's borders. To our great delight, there are now even companies in South American Chile that fully rely on our INVENTHOR 9 when it comes to shredding. Quality always prevails and knows no boundaries.


More than 10,000 operating hours

The fact that our shredder scores better in this respect than almost any other solution on the market is also evident elsewhere. There are now at least three INVENTHOR 9s that have been proven by their telemetry data to have cracked the 10,000 operating hours mark - namely 13,267h, 13,131h and 12,319h. This is what we at Doppstadt mean by "economical and efficient".


Flexibility and performance

The INVENTHOR 9 also impresses with maximum flexibility and, with its powerful patented VarioDirect Drive, which reliably maintains the throughput rate at the highest level even for the most difficult shredding tasks, is still the benchmark in the field of roller shredders today. Its much-praised advantages also include the comb flap, through which the shredding chamber is easily accessible, and the large doors, which make daily maintenance much easier. The patented Dopp-Lock system also ensures that tools can be changed quickly and ergonomically.


Economical & efficient. Proven & reliable. The INVENTHOR 9 from Doppstadt.