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Josefin Krätzsch is one of a few female industrial mechanics in Germany. With her career, she wants to encourage young women to be undeterred by outdated role models.

When Josefin Krätzsch started the industrial mechanic apprenticeship in 2014 women still made up a small share of this kind of jobs. Will you make it? Isn’t it too arduous? Questions young women in traditionally male jobs hear again and again. Josefin Krätzsch heard them too – in contrast to her male co-workers. That drove her ambition: “The typically female jobs didn’t appeal to me. I wanted a job that posed a challenge.“ And she found it at Doppstadt. Although the mood was a little tense in the beginning and some employees were sceptical Josefin Krätzsch has always felt comfortable. „Meanwhile the cooperation is very relaxed, my co-workers don’t treat me differently from how they treat the male co-workers.“

With her career, the 22-year-old wants to encourage other young women. “My work offers multiple challenges every day, I appreciate the team spirit and I like brainstorming.“ She recommends that female job applicants build self-confidence. Furthermore, the apprenticeship profile requires mathematical and physical knowledge, manual dexterity, interest in practical work, carefulness and teamwork skills.

First Josefin Krätzsch did an internship in the technical division and realized that the apprenticeship at Doppstadt was just the right path for her. After having finished it successfully she was offered a permanent position. Today she assembles various construction groups or prepares small parts for the different machines. For her professional career she takes various advanced training programs and the corresponding career opportunities into consideration. She feels good in her job and she is glad to have chosen the industrial mechanic apprenticeship in 2014.