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Quite recently the last DW 3060 left the assembly line. The machine was sold to Micke Johansson in Sweden, who replaced his oldest DW 3060 Büffel with the new one. He is happy to have snatched up the last unit of his favourite machine.

It was a special moment: With the help of a big truck the new DW 3060 was towed to the yard of Micke’s Åkeri. Painted with clear varnish and striped – like all of Micke’s new machines – it met a DW 3060 of the first generation. “The DW is my favourite machine when it comes to shredding. It performs minor and major tasks without any problem. Furthermore it is very flexible and ready for operation within 10-15 minutes “, Micke Johansson said.

Since 1985 he has managed the family enterprise Mickes Åkeri with ten employees. They have carried out shredding and screening jobs for more than ten years. For this purpose the enterprise from Billeberga in Southern Sweden has three DW 3060 shredders (both Classic and BioPower), a high-speed grinder AK 635 SA EP (mainly for RT-Chips) and two SM 620+ trommel screens.

The enterprise is successful and when they needed another shredder, Micke Johansson did not have to think twice and decided to buy another Büffel. “I like to drive a machine that I know and whose features I know. “, Micke said. In answer to the question of whether he would rely on Doppstadt machines in the future, he said: “Time will tell. I haven’t had the time to familiarize with the new generation of Doppstadt shredders yet, but we will definitely close more deals with OP System. We bought all our Doppstadt machines from OP System, it works fine and their service is outstanding.“