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Ecologically and economically viable

Landfill mining with Doppstadt Rugged and flexible technology for a profitable process.

Landfill mining

Landfill mining as topic is becoming more and more relevant – be it to obtain new land for development in metropolitan areas, to remediate soil and groundwater or to recover residual materials for material recycling and utilization as an energy source.

With its rugged and powerful machines, Doppstadt sets new standards in ecologically and financially motivated landfill mining, combining it with lots of experience in fulfilling local requirements – from rough classification and precise separation of fine and coarse fractions through to preparation for recycling.

Landfill mining often takes place with the objective to provide land for future development, and even if the landfill should remain, the process is worthwhile from an economic and ecological point of view: the landfill’s volume has been reduced, its capacity to accommodate more waste has been increased and useful fractions recovered, for instance:

  • Refuse derived fuels coarse fraction (150–500 mm)
  • Refuse derived fuels lightweight fraction (50-150 mm)
  • Secondary raw materials (Fe metals)

The advantages of Doppstadt machines for landfill mining: 

  • Rugged processes for extremely heterogeneous, complex materials
  • Increase in landfill capacity
  • Obtaining usable space for other purposes
  • Recovery of raw materials for use as energy source and material recycling

Our comprehensive consulting services with regard to landfill mining are based on many years of experience, thus guaranteeing the perfect solution for every landfill, including of course the reliable Doppstadt service.

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Process Description Landfill mining

The dismantling of a landfill is usually carried out for several reasons. It is always worthwhile from an ecological point of view, achieving the remediation of soil and groundwater. But the main reason is the recovery of free building area. The recycling of metals and energetic utilization of plastic foils and other combustible components just contribute to the profitability of landfill mining. The first process step consists of a splitter for screening excavated landfill material. Metals are removed from the fine and the coarse fraction using magnets.

The separated metals are recycled. The fine fraction of the splitter is screened again using a trommel screen to produce a midsize fraction between 50 and 150 mm. This fraction is than separated according to density using a wind sifter. The light fraction of the wind sifter can then be utilized energetically. The drum screen  fines are mixed with lime and build back into the landfill or moved to the new location of the landfill. This method mainly relates to municipal waste landfills. The treatment of slag and mining tips will not be considered here.

The main reason for landfill mining is the provision of future construction area. If the landfill remains in service, its volume capacity is increased by removing the target fractions. Thus more waste can be deposited. Useful fractions obtained by processing landfill material are:

The process at a glance

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