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More convincing than any theory: Our distributor CESARO MAC IMPORT presented the new INVENTHOR TYPE 6 – right on the spot, at the customer’s site.

The challenge was big: CESARO MAC IMPORT’s customer, a North-Italian enterprise, which has collected and recycled various waste products for 50 years, needed a solution for complex textile waste materials from industry and municipal collections. At the same time, the INVENTHOR TYPE 6 had to show that basically it can shred a wide range of different materials.

Needless to say that our distributor CESARO MAC IMPORT had many good arguments for the use of the INVENTHOR TYPE 6, but in order to demonstrate the performance in practice, CESARO transported the INVENTHOR TYPE 6 to the customer’s premises. There the machine shredded all the materials that usually accrue at the customer’s site. The impressive result: The Inventhor showcased its efficiency at high productivity and low consumption. The machine operation at a very low noise level was also noticed favourably. The customer, who already owns an INVENTHOR TYPE 9, was completely satisfied with the practical demonstration.

Find out more in the video!