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Adaptable and versatile like no other of its class – Methor takes things as they come. As a multipurpose recycling system it is simply unstoppable. Whether opening (bags), dosing, charging, disintegrating, crushing or cutting – indestructible and resistant to contaminants, it covers the widest range of applications even under the most adverse conditions.


The Methor is the first universal recycling system from Doppstadt, which has been especially developed for smaller material quantities. Its shredding system can be changed within 30 minutes.

  • shredding of smaller volumes, mono-material batches and special fractions
  • proven Doppstadt high-performance technology

That is why the Methor combines all the reliability and economic efficiency of the bigger Doppstadt machines with a completely new flexibility.

You can combine the METHOR with additional processing technologies using an attachment, thus creating a compact treatment system.

The carrier variation mounted on the tracked chassis is equipped with an adapter. This enables the METHOR to be combined with other processing technologies. The material is loosen and metered by the METHOR.

In this manner, it can be configured as a compact treatment system. The equipment variants with windsifter, overhead suspension magnet, star screen or spiral shaft separator are currently already available.

The mobile modular combination of Methor and Selector 400 combines pre-shredding and material separation in one work step. Furthermore, the Selector can be driven by the additional hydraulic connection of the Methor. The well-designed Selector spiral shaft deck works without jamming or wrapping and the screening result can be fine adjusted by changing the shaft speed. By means of 5 available spiral shaft decks and 3 shredding systems variants for the Methor, this smart machine combination can be used in many fields of application, e. g. for Industrial waste, waste wood or green waste.

Changing the shredding shaft in less than one hour? Common business! The new smart shredder has an impressively simple shredding changing system for maximum flexibility. Each input material requires a special tool - the Methor offers quite a few! With the shaft teeth sizes L, M and S the machine copes with both very difficult materials and small volume flow rates. Quick tool changes and materials shredded in no time! Learn more in the video.


The Methor is available on tracks, on a hooklift frame and as a stationary system. For the market launch it is equipped with a diesel drive, an electric drive is under development. As a special feature, the Methor can be remote controlled and monitored – by laptop, smartphone or tablet.

Flexibility and shredding power were one of the main targets while engineering. So we came up with this modular design, quick change shaft system and the extremely robust design of the entire machine.

The Methor variant with crawler track can move autonomously in the material thus making the application even more variable and independent of trailers and tractors.


The Methor concept focuses on contaminant resistance and process reliability. The Hydraulic Direct Drive ensures optimal power control. The unique and intelligent tipping hopper controlled by a load-sensing system, makes feeding easy and efficient. This feeding system makes the machine work constantly and always productive as possible. The position of the shredding shaft creates the best material flow in line with the discharge conveyor belt. All maintenance and service work can be done from ground level with a good accessibility. The big dimensioned cooling system ensures the highest uptime even under hot weather conditions.

With these features, the Methor fulfils all the requirements our customers have regarding a wide range of applications and flexibility, also in line with other machines, such as the Doppstadt Selector 400 with the SWS 400 spiral shaft screening deck.

The Doppstadt mobile-modular processing concept (MMAK) offers an impressive degree of flexibility. This involves linking standard machines in a smart and efficient manner. The machines can be used flexibly with different fractions. Furthermore, companies can react quickly with new combinations if general conditions change. Customers benefit from high efficiency and regulatory compliance. The MMAK has already proven its worth in the market and it is mainly used in the fields of C&D waste, biowaste and industrial waste.

As the Methor is easily adaptable, it enables by far the widest range of applications of its class – for example construction and demolition waste, industrial waste and mattrasses. Enterprises with smaller volume flow rates as well as users with special fractions profit from its precisely adjustable and efficient performance and from the possibility to adapt the highly contaminant-resistant shredding system to changing materials -quickly and tailored to suit the needs.